Coming soon

Wrapping up pre-production for a couple projects. One is a series I'm very excited about. It kind of has the whole "classic machinima series" vibe, which I feel has been pretty absent from YouTube. No ETA on either projects, but things are coming along quite well.

These blog posts are mainly for myself, of course. I don't expect anyone to be reading these, but I do have to remain cryptic as to not reveal my secrets. I'd like to be able to properly keep a journal on production once I reach that stage, but for now, just seemingly random cryptic progress posts.

Things are coming soon.

- Rev

Carrying on

It's been almost two months, and unfortunately I didn't get around to making any shorts or anything like that. There were a few projects which were fluctuating in development which sort of took away my attention from the smaller, more realistic projects I could have put out in the meantime. Because of this, I continued developing the larger, more "secretive" projects amidst the waiting.

It's very weird working so many years on something in secret. I can see why it's tempting to announce your work before it is finished. But there's no sense in doing that after 6 years. Especially when not all the effort shows.

I'm trying to setup a sort of platform and tool for the machinima community. This isn't my dream or ultimate project, but it is something I'd really like to see happen. I know if I'm not the one pushing for it, I won't be invested. I couldn't just hand it off to someone else to see it realized. All of that said, I will drop it if it can't be achieved. I must carry on with my work.

- Rev

Is this thing on?

Revult Entertainment begins. While a lot of the work my friends and I put into our projects goes unnoticed, we believe it is for good reason. Unnecessary hype and attention can only cripple a project when people might set their standards too high. However! As we grind away at the various stages of writing we're at in our projects, I've come up with some ideas that could work for public content in the NEAR FUTUREā„¢.

I've just ordered some of the last supplies I needed for my office space so I'm looking forward to creating content as soon as I can.

- Rev